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Jewelry by Jen Surine

Jen Surine is compelled by a desire to create statement jewelry that is a mix of edge and elegance that empowers the wearer. --- Her striking line of jewelry is thoughtfully made start to finish using traditional and non-traditional metalsmithing methods include soldering, welding, and fusing. The majority of her work is built out of wire, creating architectural and geometric “Openwork” forms resembling a three dimensional lace with a little art deco inspiration. These intricate and elaborate connections are a theme running through her work.

Jen Surine soldering jewelry
She has been collecting and making since she was a young girl...

"As far back as I can remember, wherever I went I would keep my eyes on the ground. I suppose I was a little shy but the truth of the matter was I didn't want to walk past a wondrous discovery. I was a collector. Rocks, shells, leaves, anything that was special and beautiful was fair game. I remember when my parents gave me a little corner in the back yard for my rock garden. With pride I'd come home from school with my new treasures I collected and place them in their new home among all my favorites.

Not only did I collect rocks, I tried to sell them. When I was about 7, I would line up stones in rows and try to sell them to anyone who happened to walk past our house. Unfortunately, I lived on a dead end street, so there was little traffic to admire my beautiful selection.

Along with my interest in stones at that time, I loved making jewelry. I would make yarn rings by tying knots on top of knots to create a 'woven' pattern that I could slip over my finger. I now understand why none of the neighbors bought these, either, they were somewhat odd looking...

Flash forward nearly 20 years and I'm still collecting beautiful stones and making jewelry. I suppose it's really not much of a surprise that I decided to become a metalsmith! After peaking my interest by taking classes in high school for jewelry making, I decided to go to college for it."

Surine currently resides in Peotone, Illinois with her husband and two sons. She received her BFA from Grand Valley State University, Michigan in 2008 and started her jewelry business shortly afterwards.

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