Choosing a setting style for a Diamond Alternative

So, you want an Alternative Engagement Ring?  Good for you --  Way to be let your individuality shine!

We hope you saw our post about our favorite Diamond alternatives

Now that you’ve made a decision – it’s time to consider the ring itself.  With non-diamond choices, it can be critical to pick a ring or setting that both makes your beautiful stone sparkle and shine, and also protects it from large amounts of wear and tear.  Depending on how soft or hard your stone of choice is, you may choose more or less protection around your stone. 

Some common strategies for protecting a Diamond alternative include choosing a bezel setting or adding a halo of metal and/or stones that circles your center stone.  There are hybridized options, as well, depending on your jeweler’s style and ability, and whether your ring is a custom made one or a mass produced one.  With custom design, you’ll always have more options and a greater say-so in the overall look, feel, and durability of your ring.  When going custom, trust your jeweler to walk you through all of the choices you have at length, and have him or her help you weigh aesthetic choices with options for enhanced security and durability.    As a general rule – prongs will offer the least protection for your alternative stone, and bezels the greatest.  Halos can help by sometimes making a prong setting more durable.  Bezels don’t necessarily need a halo, but are an opportunity  to add variety to an otherwise simplistic aesthetic.  Also as a general rule -- a tiffany style or other solitaire setting will leave your stone the most exposed to damage, wear, and tear. 

Check out this gallery of bezel and hybrid options for setting ideas. 

In addition to providing some design elements that enhance the beauty and safety of your cherished heirloom, it is good to have a realistic outlook on daily habits for wearing your engagement ring, no matter what kind of stone you choose.  Diamonds, of course, will be able to tolerate a bit more abuse than other stones, and those sporting softer stones must take extra care. 

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