What COVID-19 means for MAKE MADE Jewelry

Coronavirus update from Make Made Jewelry

Coronavirus means big change for small business.

The COVID-19 crisis currently unfolding is affecting everyone across the globe in dramatic ways. We, like you, are concerned --- how do we keep our families safe, how do we practice proper social distancing, how will we need to deal with life and lifestyle changes the next few weeks or months --- the uncertainty of the situation can be unsettling as the news and recommendations are changing daily.

We would like to take this time to inform you of what actions we are doing to help "flatten the curve" by encouraging social distancing for the safety of our customers and our community:

  • All of our group classes and workshops will be postponed as of March 17th and continuing through April 17th. Since things are changing every day and we are unsure what the recommendation will be in April, we have decided not to commit to any specific rescheduled dates at this time.  The dates will be revisited later, and will be based on the CDC recommendation at that time.  For current students, we're excited to work with you, and we appreciate your understanding during this time.  We work closely with our students and share materials and tools, so this decision, while it does not come lightly, is in the best interest of everyone.  

  • Private lessons will continue, as we feel this is the safest way to continue working with our students during this time. 

    *For everyone's safety:  We are asking every private student to wash their hands when they enter and leave the workshop.  We will provide all private students with anti bacterial wipes so they can wipe down any tools and equipment before and after use. 

    *In cooperation with CDC guidelines, we are asking the following from our private lesson students:  If you (or someone in your household) is showing any signs of cold/flu like symptoms or respiratory illness symptoms,  please let us know immediately and stay home.  Under no circumstance should you come to the lesson. We will do our best to accommodate you by rescheduling your lesson or supplying you with a credit for a future lesson.
  • MAKE MADE Jewelry's retail storefront is now open by appointment only. We will continue to be in the studio working on client projects.  If you call us (864-412-8087) and don't reach us, please use this Calendly link to schedule an appointment. Please do not stop in without an appointment confirmation.  

    *If you do wish to schedule an appointment, be assured the store and studio space have been wiped down and cleaned with anti-bacterial wipes and disinfectant --- particularly high-touch areas, such as our Design Bar, checkout area, doorknobs and handrails.
  • We also offer a personalized online concierge service --- in which through email messages, FaceTime, Skype or Zoom we can send photos, sketches, videos of products or gemstones.  We are happy to  provide the same level of personalized shopping that you would experience in our showroom via these remote outlets.  This is how we commonly meet with interstate and international customers, and these experiences work just as well as in-person custom work consultations.  We would love to use this opportunity to help you sift through your jewelry box and come up with new solutions to lonely, unworn pieces! Please use this Calendly link to schedule an online appointment with us.
  • Of course, our website is available for your shopping pleasure from the safety of your home 24/7! We'll still be shipping out work, and can arrange curbside pickup if you're local.  

As a brand new micro-business, we appreciate our customers more than you know. These strange times are affecting us and all of our represented artists in devastating financial ways. We humbly ask that you to continue to support our small business during these unpredictable times. Consider buying online for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, or Mother's Day, purchasing a gift card for future use, working with us on a custom project remotely, or scheduling a private lesson.

Social distancing requires a level of sacrifice for the social good, and we hope you will all understand the decisions outlined above.

Everyone will be affected by the virus in some way or other. All we can do during this unique time is to support each other, follow the recommended guidelines, keep our loved ones safe, and find creative ways to help our small businesses and artists persevere. Here’s hoping we all pull through this and can all show kindness to each other. We need compassion now more than ever.