Icy and Milky Diamonds

So, what exactly are Icy or Milky diamonds? They're a type of diamond, but deserving of their own sub-category.  Icy or Milky diamonds are characterized by their overall whiteness and their interior characteristics. Many diamonds in this category may also technically qualify as a 'fancy white' diamond, although others may not.  

Icy and Milky diamonds are both natural stones, and are cut and polished in the same way their sparkly colorless traditional cousins, are.   Icy and milky diamonds, however, and prized for their irregularity and individuality.  Each is an entirely unique specimen, showcasing a 100% natural and unique interior, displaying a wide variety of inclusions that give an overall icy or milky appearance.  Icy diamonds tend to have a 'shattered ice' appearance to them, while milky diamonds are more hazy or foggy in appearance, and often have some amount of opalescence.  It's not always either/or, though, as some diamonds feature a little of all of these chatacteristics.

Both Icy and Milky diamonds can be cut in a brilliant style (meaning a flat top and pointed bottom) or as a rose cut (flat back with lots of flat facets on the top side).  Brilliant cuts are sometimes set in a normal fashion, with the flat side up, but they can be set 'upside down' as well, if the bottom side of the stone is preferred visually.  Some of these stones have small specks of color, but they tend to be mostly white or void of color.  When more color exists, the stone may no longer be called an Icy or Milky diamond -- and either a Salt and Pepper or Rustic Diamond, depending on the distribution of color.   Some stones even have an opalescence or subtle blue or purple undertone to them.  

If you're shopping for someone with unique, earthy taste that still wants a white stone -- an icy or milky diamond might be the perfect choice!