Laura Wood

Laura Wood is a full-time jewelry artist living in Asheville, NC. She earned a BFA in jewelry and metalsmithing from the University of Georgia and an MFA in metal design at East Carolina University, but she began her career in the arts studying dance. This led her to making adornments for the body: activating pleasure and enjoyment through wearing. She strives to enhance the silhouette of the body with bold, sculptural forms. The collaboration between body and object is given deep consideration when choosing scale and material.

Wood's jewelry is made from brass that is cut, formed, powder coated, and occasionally embellished with precious stones and sterling silver. Many earring styles are made with a left and a right in an attempt to fit the form to the face. Kinetic elements also create movement while remaining thoughtful to wearability.

"I make and design sculptural jewelry that is both bold and body-conscious. It is made to be worn and is a celebration of contemporary adornment."

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