Rustic Diamonds

'Rustic' Diamonds are natural diamonds named for and characterized by an abundance of inclusions. Inclusions are the often small “imperfections” that are undesirable in a traditional diamond, located anywhere inside the diamond.  They are made up of any combination of other minerals and gas, and happen during the formation of the diamond while deep inside the earth.  Rustic diamonds are prized for their uniqueness and individuality.  Often times, rustic diamonds are partially or completely opaque.  They can be either brilliant cut or rose cut, but are very often rose cut -- meaning they have a flat back and facets over a domed or step cut top.  Because the stones do not have refractivity or brilliance, it is not important that the stones be cut in ways that would prioritize these features.  Instead, emphasis in cutting is on size, interesting color or pattern, and providing the largest or most interesting look for the stone rough.  


Salt and pepper diamonds, ice diamonds, and milky diamonds are all sub-categories of 'rustic diamonds' -- each with their own unique characteristics.  Some of these sub-categories actually include rarer or more desirable types of rustic diamonds.  Prices can vary a bit among the different types of rustic specimen, but the entire category is overall much more economical than the traditional diamond.

The beauty of the rustic diamond lies solidly in its' uniqueness.  With a wide variety of different looks and styles and placement of inclusions -- no two stones are ever the same.  Fans of rustic diamonds love the earthy, 'real' quality of an unedited or non-curated selection -- finding value in the fact that imperfections or 'birthmarks' are seen and acknowledged.    Similarly, those who love the stones also love to be able to look through many and find a 'favorite' that speaks to them, their individuality, and their preferences.  Similarly, rustic diamond lovers want a stone that no one else has, that celebrates individuality over 'sameness' or perfection.