Tourmalated Quartz: Elegant and Unique

Is it Tourmalinated or Tourmalated or Tourmilated?
 The multiple spellings for this variety of Quartz are almost as unique as the gemstone itself



The trademark look of tourmalated quartz comes from the inclusions of black or dark green tourmaline needles seen throughout the stone. These inclusions are called schorls and seem to bounce and float from within the surrounding clear or milky quartz crystal. The clearness of the quartz heightens and enhances the black tourmaline needles. Each pattern is different, adding to the individually of each stone. 

The stone is formed when liquid Quartz and Tourmaline combine at high temperatures and pressure deep within the earth. The two minerals separate once more as temperatures and pressure decreases. This process leaves Tourmaline needles trapped inside the Quartz crystal.



Tourmalated quartz has long been revered because of its protective properties. Over the centuries this crystal has been thought to encourage inspiration, deflect negativity and if you believe lore, rubbing the stone can bring good luck and happiness. The combination of black and white within the stone is the perfect yin and yang of balance. The milky opaque encourages positive energy while the black schorl counteracts negativity. A known shield stone, ancient warriors always worn or carried a piece of this stone into battle because they believed in its ability to transform any situation.

While tourmalated quartz has been displayed in homes for quite some time, only in recent years have jewelry designers begun to take notice of both the stones’ affordability and versatility. Because each piece has such a striking uniqueness, this gem has quickly become a favorite for both designers and consumers alike.

Though often worn simply for its beauty, many people now wear it because of how effectively they believe it deflects detrimental environmental influences. Tourmalated quartz is also seen as an effective tension reliever, has the ability to change negative thoughts into positive ones and can reduce those all so common self-sabotaging tendencies. As far as physical healing abilities, tourmalated quartz is said to be able to detoxify the entire body and is particularly effective in dealing with digestive tract disorders.

Who knew such a stunning stone could do so many different things? Ready to have your own tourmalated quartz piece of jewelry? Who knows, it may just change your life!