What is Heirloom Redesign?

Everyone has them – those lonely, unworn pieces that live in your jewelry box that you look at from time to time, but never wear:  pieces lovingly worn for years that convey sentimental stories from the past, but that just aren’t your style;  Dated pieces you wish fit your current lifestyle – but don’t, and probably never will.  You love the stories and the people these pieces represent, but not the jewels themselves -- so what’s the solution?


The gold and stones from these precious pieces carry with them meaning and all the sentimental value in the world, and it’s a shame not to enjoy them the way they were intended to be – by wearing and loving them yourself.   Taking these pieces back to their most basic elements, and treating them like raw materials again allows you to do so. 

When designing for reworking heirlooms, in most cases a good bit (if not all) of the existing materials can be used.  Gold can be re-melted, and a little fresh gold added if necessary.  Diamonds and gems can be unset and reset.  Pieces, once dismantled, can be used in another single piece or separated across multiple pieces to give little mementos to multiple daughters, granddaughters, nieces, or nephews.  Diamond rings can be taken apart and stones given to sons, daughters, or grandkids to use as engagement stones.   Multiple pieces can be combined to create single pieces as well, and heirloom stones can accompany your own stones to create an upgraded wedding set that reflects your current place in life but encompasses precious heirloom stones that you now posess. 

Regardless of how you treat your heirloom redesign – you’ll get joy out of it each time you see it on your finger, or in the mirror, and think of those who left you the gold or jewels used in the piece.  These pieces transcend time and pass with them precious thoughts and memories, and are a lovely way to honor both your loved ones and your own sense of style and lifestyle. 


It is always possible to purchase fresh gold and gems, but it’s our belief that you should be able to use what you have, too.  We also believe you should get the joy out of wearing the pieces that meant the most to the people who meant the most to you. 

Although you may have never heard of an heirloom redesign – it’s actually a very common service.  In fact, it’s one of the most popular types of custom jewelry design that we do here at MAKE MADE Jewelry!  Heirloom redesigns are treated just like any other custom design project, with all of the same steps and excitement – from initial sketch to final delivery (see the process here). 
There’s nothing like seeing the response to these jewels once they’ve been reworked – it’s so rewarding as a jeweler to be able to re-envision these invaluable parts and pieces into beautiful one of a kind pieces that bring everything from giggles of excitement to tears.   

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