What to do with Jewelry after a Divorce

So, What DO you do with divorce jewelry? 

Here at MAKE MADE, we believe in loving everything that you wear, and reusing what you already have before you buy new.  We realize that those jewels that remain after a divorce often come with negative feelings, and are here to tell you that a pawn shop is your worst bet.  They're going to give you next to nothing to trade in your precious jewels.  Don't let a little bad ju-ju convince you to make a seriously bad deal by giving those beautiful gems and gold away.  

Similar to 'burn the dress' -- We've got a couple of STELLAR solutions.  Read on for two incredible ways to recycle jewelry from a marriage gone wrong.  

1.  Turn it into something new -- YOURSELF  Yes, you read that right:  we can actually teach you how to re-invent your jewelry (and maybe yourself as well!) in a one-on-one class where you deconstruct and re-design using the precious gold from your once-wed baubles.  We'll create an entirely new piece that looks nothing like your prior pieces, that you'll love to wear because you had the hands on experience of rebirthing them.   Like a Phoenix, you'll leave refreshed and alive, having torched and beaten the life out of your old jewels in order to create something new, beautiful, and fresh.    They'll no longer be a sad reminder of times passed, but a beautiful hallmark of things yet to come.  

Student Soldering remaking divorce jewelry

Trust us: We've witnessed first hand how the physical process of re-making these jewels can be therapeutic.  (Read: fire, melting, and beating the crap out of your old gold. Want to pretend it's your ex's face, or lawyer?  Go for it -- We're here for you.)

Clients can choose between two class options, based on their existing jewels.  Several designs and formats are available in this one of a kind, designed for you private lesson, including pendants, earrings, or bracelets.  

Thinking of visiting from out of town to recreate your jewelry? We recommend spending the weekend here and making a mini-vacay of it.  While you're here, let us guide you to other 'treat-yo-self' Greenville experiences and delicious fare.  We'll help you decide where to stay, what else to do on your self-care journey, and where to eat along the way.  

Click here to learn more about our Divorce Jewelry Re-Design Classes.  

2.  Let us re-design them into something new and fabulous to pair with your new, redesigned lifestyle.  Not a DIYer? Or too far away to justify the travel?  That's ok, we aren't offended.  A huge part of our business is redesigning your existing jewelry, no matter where it came from, no matter where you live.  We take your diamonds, gemstones, and precious metals, take them at face value as the materials that they are, and birth into them new life via designs that are made exclusively for you.  We melt down your metal  in the design of entirely new pieces, with a new style, aesthetic, and feel.   We can even trade the metal out with fresh metal if that's important to you.  No part of your new design should reflect your old, and we'll work one on one with you to make sure you're satisfied and feel refreshed with your new piece(s).  Custom designs can be as unique as you -- and can be created in any format you like, whether it be a new necklace, a pair of earrings, or statement stacking rings.  

 melting gold, handmade jewelry design
To learn more about our custom design process or to contact us, visit out page dedicated to custom design.