Full image of pendant on Chrysoprase - Bloom Pendant. This pendant is in the shape of an upside-down acorn encompassed in gold. The top has three gold leaves with a set diamond in-between the middle and right leaf. This pendant is on multiple string of gold band as the chain for the necklace.
Full image of Chrysoprase pendant on hand to give scale of pendant.
Full image of pendant on Chrysoprase - Bloom pendant.
Angled view of Chrysoprase - bloom Pendant.
Full view of Chrysoprase - Bloom Pendant with matching earrings above.
Danielle Miller

Chrysoprase - Bloom Pendant

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Deep and rich.
This 14.31 carat apple-green Chrysoprase is bezel set in 18k yellow gold (backed in sterling) and it "blooms" from three 18k yellow gold leaves, accented with a small diamond.

18mm x 15.5mm Chrysoprase (14.31 ct)

Available with or without a 14k gold multi-strand cable chain.
Interested in a different chain? Contact us.

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