Santa Fe Stoneworks

Cholla Cactus 3" Lockback Knife

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A unique knife faturing stabilized and dyed American Cholla Cactus, crafted by Santa Fe Stoneworks in New Mexico.  Stainless Steel with black stabilized Cholla Cactus.  

As beautiful as it is practical, this heirloom quality tool is something that will be appreciated for years to come.

Cholla Cactus

Native to the North American Southwest and Mexico, the Cholla cactus is stometims called the "jumping cholla," a name that comes from the ease with which the stems detach when brushed. Often the slightest touch will leave a person with bits of cactus hanging on their clothes only to be unfortunately discovered later. 

The inner structure or skeleton of the dead cactus creates an interesting pattern when used for decorative purposes, as it's hollow inner core is punctured throughout with oblong holes.  Once the cacti has died and dried out, it is then set with an epoxy dyed with various colors, and further worked into various forms, like knife handles.  


Steel is the traditional 11th year anniversary -- and nothing says durability and timelessness like Stainless.  

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