Make Made offers a variety of jewelry making classes at every skill level.

Make + Sip Classes

    • Fun daily or evening courses (typically about three hours long)
    • No experience necessary
    • BYO-wine!
    • Can be organized for private groups, such as teambuilding, bachelorette parties, or birthday parties.
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    • Daily or weekend specialty courses that typically focus on one particular technique or topic.
    • Topics, skill level and prerequisites vary.
    • We may even invite guest artists from out of town for super special workshops!
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    Jewelry Making Courses 

    • Sessions that typically last for 5 consecutive weeks, where students will learn basic skills and safety considerations while creating a piece of metal jewelry from scratch.

    • Classes are divided by Levels -- Levels 1 and 2. 

      LEVEL ONE classes cover the basics of beginning Metalsmithing, including basic studio safety and tool and equipment familiarity.  Level one projects rotate between a variety of fun topics, but all focus on the same fundamental techniques and principles.  Things covered in every Level one course include: Basic Studio Safety, Knowledge of basic hand tools and equipment, Sawing, Filing, Forming, Basic texturing, Designing templates, Soldering, Simple Patination, and Finishing.  

      LEVEL TWO classes are designed for the intermediate student -- someone who has had at least one Level One course (preferably more!).  These courses do not cover the basics of Level One courses, but build on them.  We explore additional techniques, tools, and materials and focus on growing and adding to students' existing skillset.  Classes typically focus on one 'new' technique or topic, and students incorporate this new material into a project while utilizing all of the comprehensive skills already learned.   Topics vary! 

    • Having taken at least one Level 1 course is a prerequisite for any of our Level 2 courses.   This ensures that all of our students get the best instruction possible, and that all students are knowledgeable and proficient.   It is our experience that mixed courses are not as valuable for either beginner or experienced students, and offering these is a disservice to our students of all levels.  We aim to provide the best level of education to our friends and students, and that makes this is a non-negotiable policy.  

    • Most students find it extremely beneficial to take several Level 1 courses before graduating to Level 2 courses.   Although we cover the same topics, the project is always different, and the value of re-taking this course is found in continued practice.  Mastery comes slow, a labor of love, and requires time and practice! Students who don't rush to achieve it tend to have the best, most fulfilling experience.  

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    Private Lessons

    • Learn one-on-one with either Katie or Danielle! This is a great option for beginners to advanced, particularly for students who wish to work on a specific topic and prefer to have exclusive instructor attention.   Popular topics are those that students repeatedly struggle with (for example: particular soldering situations) or new topics (example: flush setting stones).
    • Students repeatedly tell us that they feel like they get more accomplished in private lessons, and find this type of intimate one-on-one instruction extremely valuable.  
    • Three hour minimum.
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    Make Your Own Wedding Ring Workshops

    • Couples come from all over to take Danielle's MYOWRW.  They get to spend the day with her, creating their bands together as part of a unique experience that they can pass on to later generations.
    • Find more about Danielle's Wedding Ring Workshops here.