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Our in-house designers at MAKE MADE specialize in creating truly original pieces with personality and presence.

At MAKE MADE, both owners/designers are more than just expert crafts-people: We're also professinally trained (and hold professional degrees) in art and deisgn, an important factor many shops and stores often overlook.

Meet the Designers

Made just for you.

Whether it's an engagement ring, wedding bands, or a brilliant statement piece for a special occasion, we will work one-on-one with you to create a bespoke piece, tailored to both your style and lifestyle.

We will begin with a brainstorming session, work through hand-sketches, and develop a piece unique to you that reflects you - we don't just replicate or regurgitate others' designs. We also strive to create heirlooms that wil lendure - meaning we take into consideration design aspects dealing with ergonomics, durability and practicality. Once we know more about you and your lifestyle, we can make design recommendations that will ensure you love your piece for years and generations) to come.

In addition, we can source conflict free gemstones and recycled metals -OR- We are happy to work with your existing stones and gold to create your one-of-a-kind future heirloom. Using your own gold is an ethical choice, as no new gold has to mined, but it also has the added benefit of cutting down on costs if we are able to recycle your existing materials.

How it works : The Process

We begin with an initial fact-finding consultation (via email, phone, video chat or a visit to the studio) to see what you are interested in designing. This step is free of charge and helps both of us determine if one of our designers will meet your expectations and needs. We will talk about your lifestyle, how you wear your jewelry, your color preferences and which MAKE MADE collections appeal to you. The design process often becomes a collaboration between designer and client.

We will start by sketching ideas that express what we have learned about you and include any stones or elements that you have provided. Next, we review them together, with you. Once we've gotten feedback from you, and have worked through all the variations and modifications, design details are finalized, and a non-refundable deposit is taken. This deposit allows us to procure materials and start the work. We then start the physical labor of fabricating your design, which may involve computer CAD work, wax carving, casting, hand fabrication, or some combination of these techniques. Once metalwork is complete and stones are set, the balance is due before shipment or delivery of the finished work.

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what our clients are saying...

Katie does truly incredible work. She made an incredible engagement ring for my wife and endured hours of listening to my vision for the ring. She also took a lot of time to find the perfect diamond that fit the vision we had dreamed up.


So happy with Danielle's custom design work that she did for me. She worked with me, listened to my ideas, made suggestions, and produced an end result that I will enjoy for many years.



We post most of our custom projects on Instagram... eventually.

We'll have to wait until your special occation passes so we never spoil the surprise!

Below are just a few of the many projects we've brought to life for our clients.