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Katie Poterala working at the jeweler's bench

Katie Poterala

Katie's inspiration...

Katie's signature designs combine the opulence of faceted stones and precious metals with provocative surfaces and textures that mimic the spontaneity found in natural growth and oxidation processes.   Her  pieces reinterpret those objects that are observed but are not lasting, often reminding the wearer of places and times in  their own personal experience and travels.  

Danielle Miller-Gilliam

Danielle Miller at her jeweler's bench soldering

Danielle's Inspiration...

Danielle's newest body of work is inspired by her garden, as well as, geology and topographic maps. She creates peaks, valleys and fissures hand forged in sterling & gold with bold gem accents. Leaves, petals and vines made in sterling and gold are stripped down to their basic geometric forms and combined with pearls and diamonds. The resulting modern designs are both feminine and dramatic but still playful.