Parking Tips:

Free street parking can also be found along Main Street and the surrounding streets, however it is limited to 2 hour intervals.

The closest parking garage is the N. Laurens Deck and it is the directly behind the studio at 210 N Laurens Street. There is a convenient walkway on west side (the opposite side you enter the garage) of the lower level that connects to Main Street. Once you walk through to Main Street, Make Made Jewelry is a few stores to the left.

A second garage is the Commons Garage located at 60 Beattie Place (adjacent to the Hyatt Regency Hotel). This garage is a short 2 minute walk (.1 mile) from the studio.

There is another garage located at 66 Richardson Street. This is a 5 minute walk (approximately .2 mile) from the studio. The Richardson Street garage has free parking on the weekends and had 4 electric car charging stations.

The first hour of parking in all City parking garages is free, no matter the day or time. After the first free hour, customers will pay $2 to park for a second hour, and then $1 per hour thereafter, with a daily maximum of $7.