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At MAKE MADE, we're experts on all things jewelry! In addition to custom design, heirloom redesign, and fantastic one of a kind artisan jewelry, we also offer repairs and maintenace for your precious pieces.
The precious rings you wear every day get the most wear and tear, and are often the most valuable and sentimental pieces you own. These should be inspected once every six months to ensure no damage or extensive wear has occurred -- and to catch anything that may need attention early, before you lose a diamond.
We're offering a step up from our normal inspection and cleaning that includes a thorough deep clean alongside a full assessment. This service includes:

✨ Deep clean (a more thorough cleaning than we normally do on the spot).
✨ Check all of your stones for any that might have loosened up with wear.
✨ Inspect all of your prongs, thicknesses, and look over every inch of your pieces to make sure everything is secure and durable.
✨ Give your rings an all over polish to have them looking like brand new!

*Ring refresh does not include Rhodium Plating. This service is available at an additional cost in-store.
*Any necessary repairs will be indicated and quoted when we return your ring(s) to you. It is completely up to you whether you decide to go ahead with repairs or if you would like to wait.
*We'll be sure to let you know if the pieces are just getting a little worn and are 'something to watch' or if they're in a critical state of repair (stones are at risk) and shouldn't be worn until a repair has been made.