Close up image of Amelie Necklace with hand in background to help give idea of scale of piece. This piece is made of gold and lays on a gold chain. The pendant is in the shape of a "v" and has characteristics of a branch with three diamonds set on its outer corner. At the tip of the "v" is a set square pink sapphire.
Full image of Amelie necklace on white background.
Close up image of pendant on Amelie necklace on white background.
Angled view of pendant on Amelie necklace. In this image you can see more of the prongs and setting for the pink sapphire on the pendant.
Katie Poterala


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This stunning Pink Sapphire and Diamond Necklace is 14K white gold and 18K yellow gold.  Three small diamonds of various sizes are sprinkled along an organic V bar style pendant, surrounding a precision cut center Sapphire in pale pink weighing 1.18 Carats.   

A stunning, understated  statement necklace that is simple enough to be worn everyday.  

Sapphire is Natural, of African origin, and was precision hand cut in Aiken, SC. 

Diamonds are Lab Grown VS quality, and are approximately 1.2-1.3mm in size, for just the right touch of sparkle.

Overall, it lays on an 18" chain.