Stud earrings made of three marquise shaped labradorite gemstones set with organic prongs.
Gold earrings with three marquise shaped labradorite stones set with organic prongs.
Detail photo of gold earrings with labradorite stones set with organic prongs.
Organic looking stud earrings with prong set labradorite gemstones.
Labrodorite Cambrye Earring
Katie Poterala

Labrodorite Cambrye Earring

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She’s dainty and understated. These sweet stud earrings lay beautifully as they accent the curve of the ear.

Labradorite + Your choice of metal (recycled sterling, vermeil* or 14K gold.)

A similar version of this earring with White Topaz is the Courtney.


  • Vermeil is sterling silver that has been plated with a layer of 24k gold
  • 14k gold is solid gold
  • LABRADORITE:  A truely spectacular stone that displays a fiery iridescent play of colors in a neutral ground, which can move as the stone is rotated.  It's beauty and distinctiveness has inspired lore and lust over the ages, and legend has it: an Inuit warrior observed the Aurora Borealis trapped, living in the rocks along the shoreline.  He speared them, freeing the lights for all to see, along with the spirits of their dead.  Inuit and the Native American Innu cultures also used this magical 'fire stone' as a powder to cure ailments. 

 Made to order - Beautiful handmade things take time to create. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.