Angled view of Copper 8" Tray. This tray is made entirely of copper and is in the shape of a rectangle and has a hammered texture.
Angled view of Copper 8" tray on a white background.
Full view of Copper 8" Tray on table next to copper mugs and other copper tray.
Full view of Copper 8" Tray on gray background.
Handmade Copper Ware

Copper 8" Tray

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This 8" tray is completely handmade -- formed and hammered -- from thick, 100% recycled solid Copper.  It is handmade by artisans in Mexico, and designed in Texas.  

These trays are made in the traditional way, in a method that began began in Mesoamerica and has been practiced and passed along continuously for over 1,000 years.  These trays are finely made from thick, 100% Copper.  They may age and patina with time, but will not lose their copper color like plated pieces.  

Copper, with its warm glow and inherent patinas that change over time, has been a part of the human hearth and civilization for thousands of years, used in ancient health, healing and spiritual practices around the world for a wide range of benefits. It is a naturally clean material with strong antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiviral properties.

Sold individually.  Make a perfect gift set with our Copper Mule Mugs,  our Copper Martini Cups, or use alone as a vanity tray for jewelry, watches, or other small objects.  

Measures 8"x4.5"

Did you know Copper is the traditional 7th Anniversary gift? If you're following the modern list -- it's the appropriate 22nd Anniversary gift.