JUNE 18th, 2-5 pm

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Monitored Studio Time

JUNE 18th, 2021 2:00-5:00 pm

Monitored studio time is restricted to students who have had at least one 5 week course at MAKE MADE Jewelry and/or have taken adequate quantity of private lesson(s) or workshops with Danielle or Katie.  Any exceptions to this that may qualify a student for studio use (relevant experience elsewhere or cumulative experience outside of a MM 5 week course) must be pre-approved by Danielle or Katie prior to enrolling in any Monitored Studio time.  If you're a former student and are not sure if you qualify -- call or stop into the studio and chat with us!

How it works:
Experienced students may utilize monitored jewelry studio time at MAKE MADE to work on independent projects.  They have access to all of our basic silversmithing studio equipment, benches, and hand tools, although they are limited to the use of tools they have worked with in class and have specifically received instruction on the use and safety of.  Although there will be an experienced studio monitor, their job is to assist with some very basic questions, material purchases, and general studio safety and maintenance.  The studio monitor is not intended to provide instruction, nor are MAKE MADE instructors available during this time for instruction or one-on-one attention.  Please understand that these monitored hours are offered as a courtesy to our students, and that instruction time requires enrolling in a course or setting up a private lesson.  The cost of monitored studio time simply reflects basic studio expendables and tool wear and tear.  Although we love working with all of our students, we can not afford to provide free instruction.  

Reasonable amounts of the following are included with open studio access:
Sawblades, Flux, Silver Solder, Pickle, and Acetylene Gas. 

Students who participate in Monitored Studio hours must agree to/acknowledge all of the following:

*Studio Safety Procedures (will be provided upon enrollment)
*Studio Use Waiver (will be provided upon enrollment)
*Practicing general courtesy when working in/around/with other students and Studio         Monitor
*Monitored Studio Refund Policy


Refund Policy:

MAKE MADE Jewelry reserves your spot in Monitored Studio Time the moment you register and pay online, which prevents other students from signing up.  We provide limited seats for this time, and any student who forfeits a seat typically does so without leaving time for other students to replace them.  Because we have limited space and minimums required to run these sesssions, we do not offer refunds on Monitored Studio Time.  Please be absolutely certain at time of enrollment that you will be present for your purchased time slot.