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Damascus Collection Vein Turquoise 4" Liner Lock Knife with Clip

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Damascus collection vein turquoise 4" liner lock knife with clip crafted by Santa Fe Stoneworks in New Mexico. There is a core of VG-10 steel with 16 layers of stainless steel on each side to produce a rust free damascus look blade. 

As beautiful as it is handy, this heirloom quality tool is something that will be appreciated for years to come.

Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel is characterized by it's strength, edge holding ability, and it's dramatic appearance. The Damascus Steel used in our knives comes from Japan and is called "Sanmai Damascus" or Sandwich Damascus. There is a core of vg-10 steel with 16 layers of stainless steel on each side to produce a rust free Damascus look blade.  Damascus is created by forge welding many layers of steel together and repeatedly creating pattern by removing or deforming the material and then drawing the layers down in successive stages.  It is a long, labor intensive process that results in a unique look that is often specific to the individual maker.  

These 4" closed Liner Lock knives are the most affordable Damascus knives we offer and have a 3" blade.


Vein Turquoise

The power of water, wind and time have worked it's magic at the Nacozari Mine in Sonora, Mexico, just south of Bisbee, Arizona. These forces have created beautiful Vein Turquoise, which runs like a river sandwiched between canyon walls. The host rock, or boulder, offers a wonderful contrast to the Vein Turquoise that it surrounds.


Steel is the traditional 11th year anniversary -- and nothing says durability and timelessness like Stainless.