Full view of Elizabeth Ring. This ring is made of silver, has an organic texture, and a set square diamond at the top.
Side view of Elizabeth Ring.
Angled back view of Elizabeth Ring.
Full view of top of Elizabeth Ring in ring box.
Close up view of diamond on Elizabeth Ring.
Katie Poterala

Elizabeth Ring

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Regular price $5,800.00

Each Elizabeth ring is hand-carved + One of a Kind.

Details are carefully and individually sculpted around a beautiful Cushion Cut center stone, and no two iterations are ever exactly alike.  Bezel set with a metal halo in a softened square shape surrounding the stone, this ring is both durable and easy to wear -- perfect for a low maintenance Engagement Ring.  

Your choice of Diamond and recycled gold.  

Pairs perfectly with our EbbLuna, or Flow bands.   

*For larger diamond sizes, we recommend contacting us so that we can guide you through the diamond selection process.  We aim to choose the nicest, best looking stones.  Pricing varies as size increases.  

Pictured in Rose Gold.

Made to order - Beautiful handmade things take time to create. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.


Diamonds come in all kind of colors and qualities.  At MAKE MADE, we like to give you ALL the options!  For traditional white sparkles, we prefer Lab Grown and Canadian Diamonds because of their traceability in the supply chain.  Both of these choices are the most socially and environmentally ethical.  Moissanite is another ethical man-made alternative, that is both more sparkly than diamond and less dense, giving you more stone size for less carat weight.

Lab Grown Diamonds are lab created stones that are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds, with all the same fire, brilliance and luster.  They're more economical than a traditional diamond, but just as pretty and durable.  We always source traditional white diamonds in the SI1 range or better.  

Natural Canadian Diamonds are our choice for the purist who wants diamonds sourced from the earth instead of created in a lab.  When you buy Canadian, you have the comfort of knowing that your diamonds were pulled from the ground without employing any questionable social practices, and with less destructive methods.  Because of their growing popularity, and contrary to popular belief, Canadian Diamonds don't cost significantly more than traditional untraceably mined diamonds, either.  

Moissanite is a lab created material that was made and developed with the purpose of mimicking certain qualities found in a natural diamond. It has measurably more fire, brilliance and luster at a fraction of the cost of diamond.

Diamond sizes are approximate, as they are not always perfectly cut to exact carat weights.  We may choose a diamond that is no more than a tenth of a carat smaller or larger, depending on availability at the time of purchase. 

Interested in a colored stone or using your heirloom gold + diamonds? Contact us for pricing info.