Full view of Emerald Wreath Earrings on branch. These earrings resemble the shape of a wreath made of metal that has a bronze powdercoat. Set at the top of the wreath is an opaque emerald.
Full view of Emerald Wreath Earrings with hand in background to help give an idea of its scale.
Full view of Emerald Wreath Earrings on white background.
Katie Poterala

Emerald Wreath Earrings

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Powdercoated Cast Bronze + Sterling Silver

2" x 1.38" earring pendant with a sterling back hook for ear

What are Opaque Emeralds?  Opaque emeralds are cut from rough that is less transparent than the typical Emerald, and accentuates the character of the stone, whereas a traditional 'high value' stone is often selected and esteemed based on a lack of character and inclusions.  Think of these like a stone's birthmark.  Every stone is unique, and we happen to like this quality, and the interesting appearance of visible imperfections.