Organic Moissanite Ring set that is one of a kind, pictured with matching band on hand amongst greenery.
Moissanite and Diamond one of a kind unique engagement ring set
Moissanite and Diamond one of a kind unique engagement ring set, shown on finger
Moissanite and Diamond one of a kind unique engagement ring in bypass style
mixed metal engagement ring set in bypass style.  Bezel set moissanite in 18k yellow gold is flanked by 14k white gold.  Band features 18K gold dots with diamonds flush set.
one of a kind moissanite and diamond engagement set on hand
close up view of diamonds flush set in one of a kind organic wedding band
one of a kind engagement ring set in 18k yellow gold, 14k white gold.
side or back view, one of a kind engagement ring set, handmade in greenville sc
detail shot of handmade wedding band from MAKE MADE jewelry
back view of moissanite and gold wedding band set
unique moissanite engagement ring and wedding band set perched atop rubber tree leaf
Katie Poterala

Lillia Ring Set

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Regular price $2,385.00

A sparkling Moissanite is set daintily upon a fluid, organic bypass band.  Diamonds dot the matching band, designed to nestle together to create a stunning, one of a kind ring set.   

The surface of this set is perfectly irregular, featuring a bit of subtle texture.  Bands are ultra-thin, carved and cast in 14K white gold, and stones are all set in 18K yellow gold for a royal contrast. 

This ring is handmade from recycled metal and moissanite* making this an incredibly affordable and perfectly ethical engagement set.

One of a Kind


Moissanite, is a lab created material that was made and developed with the purpose of mimicking certain qualities found in a natural diamond. It has measurably more fire, brilliance and luster at a fraction of the cost of diamond.

  • 6.5 mm round (comparable in size to a Diamond just under 1 Carat)

Interested in a diamond instead - or using your heirloom gold + diamonds? Contact us for pricing info.