Full image of Moissanite Cobblestone Engagement Ring. This ring is in gold and its texture resembles that of a cobblestone. It has a set diamond on the top.
Side view of Moissanite Cobblestone Engagement Ring on its side.
Angled view of Moissanite Cobblestone Engagement Ring standing up, showcasing its side profile.
Full image of Moissanite Cobblestone Engagement Ring on hand to give idea of scale of piece.
Full image of Moissanite Cobblestone Engagement Ring with matching wedding band.
Full image of matching set of cobblestone engagement ring, wedding band, and men's wedding band all next to one another.
Danielle Miller

Moissanite Cobblestone Engagement Ring - 14k Yellow, White or Rose Gold

Regular price $1,785.00

A sparkling Moissanite* is set in a feminine fluted bezel on a hand carved solitaire ring. The deeply textured ring made in (100% recycled) 14k gold can resemble cobblestones, water ripples or wheat. It is smooth and highly polished on the high surfaces and has a matt finish on the recessed areas. The inside is smooth, slightly curved and highly polished for the utmost comfort.  Each ring is hand carved. The texture is unique and no two rings will be exactly the same

This ring is handmade from recycled metal and moissanite* making this an affordable and perfectly ethical engagement ring.

Available in 14k yellow gold (shown), 14k white gold  or 14k rose gold.

Pictured wedding ring set are shown for reference only, they can be purchased separately. Browse the Cobblestone Collection.

Ready to Ship in 14k yellow gold (shown)
Made to Order in white or rose gold.


Moissanite, is a lab created material that was made and developed with the purpose of mimicking certain qualities found in a natural diamond. It has measurably more fire, brilliance and luster at a fraction of the cost of diamond.

  • 6mm round (comparable in size to a diamond just under 1 carat)

Interested in a diamond instead - or using your heirloom gold + diamonds? Contact us for pricing info.