Full view of Rutilated Quartz Ring on white background. This ring showcases a circle shaped rutilated quartz set with six silver prongs and lays on a yellow gold basket setting and yellow gold organically carved band.
Side profile of opening of Rutilated Quartz Ring. here you can see the basket setting that the rutilated quartz is laying in.
Full view of Rutilated Quartz Ring on a woman's finger to help give an idea of its scale.
Side view of Rutilated Quartz Ring laying down. Here you can see the hand carved band and setting that has divets and protrusions.
Frontal view of gem on Rutilated Quartz Ring.
Side profile of Rutilated Quartz Ring.
Katie Poterala

Rutilated Quartz Ring

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This bold statement cocktail ring features organic carved metalwork.  A circle shaped Rutilated Quartz is set in 14K Yellow Gold with Sterling Prongs.

Ready to ship in size 7. Please allow up to 3 to 5 business days for re-sizing.