ethically made wedding band, flat style with scattered diamonds flush set or embedded into the surface.
ethically made wedding band, flat style with scattered diamonds flush set or embedded into the surface.
Katie Poterala

Stacy Band

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Simple with just the right sprinkle of sparkle, the Stacy band is a 2mm band with diamonds scattered organically along it's surface.  Stones are flush mounted into the band for a seamless look and low maintenance durability.    Scattering of diamonds is always unique, as each ring is handmade to order.  Location and quantity of stones is always random, and always unique.  We place them based on what looks the most aesthetically pleasing, and sometimes that means we use 5 diamonds, sometimes 6, and sometimes 7.  

Available in your choice of Gold Color and  Color/Quality of Diamonds.

Diamonds range from 1mm to 1.3mm in size.  

Want a different stone? Or a brushed finish?  Contact us to let us know!

Made to order - Beautiful handmade things take time to create. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping.


Diamonds come in all kind of colors and qualities.  At MAKE MADE, we like to give you ALL the options!  For traditional white sparkles, we prefer Lab Grown and Canadian Diamonds because of their traceability in the supply chain.  Both of these choices are the most socially and environmentally ethical. 

Lab Grown Diamonds are lab created stones that are physically and chemically identical to natural diamonds, with all the same fire, brilliance and luster.  They're more economical than a traditional diamond, but just as pretty and durable.  We always source traditional white diamonds in the SI1 range or better.  

Salt + Pepper Diamonds are more unique and have more character than a traditional sparkly white stone.  They are selected from rough that is primarily white, and feature black spots (technically - inclusions) throughout.  They're typically 50% or more white, and 50% or less black.  No two stones are ever the same, and they exhibit some sparkle, but it's a more unique look -- not as 'in your face' blingy.  These complement designs that feature non-traditional engagement rings because they don't overpower an alternative diamond or stone in the way bright whites sometimes can.    These diamonds are not opaque, but are not perfectly clear either.

Champagne Diamonds are clear and sparkly, but not as bright and white as a traditional diamond.  These stones are selected for their pretty champagne hue, which complements a wide range of traditional and non-traditional engagement rings or stacks.  We always source champagne diamonds in the SI1 range or better for maximum sparkle.  

Black Diamonds are just that -- black.  These are diamonds that have been treated to turn a jet black color.  These diamonds are bold, and less brilliant than other diamond choices because of their opaque nature.  They have sparkle from their surface facets, but do not illuminate from within.  They are a fun alternative look, and add contrast and an unexpected touch of flair to traditional designs or stacks.  

Natural Canadian Diamonds are our choice for the purist who wants diamonds sourced from the earth instead of created in a lab.  When you buy Canadian, you have the comfort of knowing that your diamonds were pulled from the ground without employing any questionable social practices, and with less destructive methods.  Because of their growing popularity, and contrary to popular belief, Canadian Diamonds don't cost significantly more than traditional untraceably mined diamonds, either.  

Interested in a colored stone or using your heirloom gold + diamonds? Contact us for pricing info.