Full view of Topaz Empty Bezel pendant on white background. This pendant has an upsidedown teardrop of topaz bezel set in silver, Attached to the tip of the teardrop is the tip of a bigger teardrop made of silver and accents of gold powdercoat. The larger teardrop has a back and walls but no top so you can see inside. Everything lays on an adjustable gold plated chain.
Detail shot of pendant on Topaz Empty Bexel Pendant with hand in background to help give an idea of its scale.
Katie Poterala

Topaz Empty Bezel Pendant

Regular price $390.00

Sterling Silver, Gold Plated Chain, Gold Powdercoat, and Topaz come together in this piece to create this one-of-a-kind statement necklace.

Approximately 38" chain (adjustable to any size)