Close up image of pendant on Tourmilated Quartz and black Diamond Long Necklace. This pendant features a 4.5" long teardrop made of silver in an organic pattern with four set black diamonds scattered sporadically across teardrop. At the top of the teardrop is a set tourmilated quartz in the shape of a square.
Full view of Tourmilated Quartz and Black Diamond Long necklace.
Close up shot of tourmilated quartz on pendnat.
Close up shot of pendant with hand in background to help give an idea of its scale.
Katie Poterala

Tourmilated Quartz and Black Diamond Long Necklace

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This long statement necklace is airy and easy to wear, with asymmetrical organic detailing and a large Tourmilated Quartz.  A four black diamonds dots sprinkled throughout.  

Approximately 32" long Sterling chain.