Rachael Kroeker

Whiskey or Espresso Set - 3 oz

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A beautiful set of four small 3 oz ceramic cups that are perfectly sized as whiskey sippers or espresso mugs.  These have a lovely weight to them, and combine a beautiful marbling pattern alongside a subtly fluted form.    

Rachael Kroeker creates mugs and objects that feature modern, graphic designs that have been thoughtfully created through highly involved slip casting processes and clay body manipulation before firing.  Her signature style is creating visually interesting marbling patterns that cover highly functional ceramic forms.  The exterior of each piece is unglazed, but has been sanded multiple times to create a soft, supple surface that just begs to be touched. 

Although each piece utilizes the same style clay body and glazes, each mug is a little different, and no two are exactly the same.   Your selection may vary slightly in pattern or color distribution from the one pictured.