$35 Ring REFRESH event: Give your Bling a Spa Day!

Do you rings need a
quarantine deep clean? 

We thought they might!  Quarantine hasn't done our sparkle any favors.  All that sanitizer and garden (or house, DIY, baking) work is making all of our rings extra dirty right now.  

Through July 31st, we're offering a special to our local friends in Greenville, SC.  We're calling this event the 'Ring Refresh' event, and all you need to do is simply stop in and drop off your ring(s)!  

As part of your ring's special spa day, we'll:

- Give your rings a deep clean (a more thorough cleaning than we normally do on the spot)
- Check all of your stones for any that might have loosened up with wear
- Inspect all of your prongs, thicknesses, and look over every inch of your pieces to make sure everything is secure and durable.  This is our opportunity to catch any issues before they result in stone loss!
- Give your rings an all over polish! We'll shine up all surfaces and make your rings sparkle like new again.  

If we find any repairs needed, or that any of your precious stones are at risk, we'll let you know!  

If you're ready to get your sparkle back, or if it's been a while since your last inspection, come see us!  

We're in the shop from 10-5 Tues-Sat.  We also have lots of pretty things to look at while you're here.  And wine.  There's really no reason not to visit us NOW!

Our friendly jewelry PSA:

Don't learn the hard way that diamonds cost more than prongs!
Although, we're always here for you if you have lost a stone, too.