Ring Sizing

MAKE MADE will need to have an accurate ring size measurement before fulfilling your online order or custom design.  Not all rings can be sized once fabricated (although most can), and some rings cannot be sized more than several numerical sizes up or down.  

We can create sizes in whole or half sizes, and we recommend that you not guess to determine the proper size.  Simply measuring an existing ring is sometimes a way to determine an existing size, however NOTE: not all fingers are the same size.  If you're buying a ring for someone else and hoping to match an existing size, be sure the existing ring is worn on the exact finger on the same hand that your new ring will occupy.  Believe it or not -- left and right hand ring fingers are not the same.  The fingers of the dominant hand are typically slightly larger.  

If your purchase is a gift, we can help guide you as to how to covertly determine what size you need -- don't hesitate to contact us for ideas about how to be sneaky! 

*Ring Sizing will be done once, for free, upon order based on your selection at checkout. 
*Additional or future sizings will be assessed a fabrication fee as well as shipping charges.  It is the buyer's responsibility to purchase adequate shipping insurance when returning rings for sizing. 
*Sizing takes 2-4 weeks after receipt of ring.  


A well sized ring should fit snugly, but not tightly, have some resistance going over the knuckle, and be easy for you to remove.  If another person attempts to pull it off of you, they should feel enough resistance to be uncomfortable doing it -- and feel better having you take it off yourself.  

MAKE MADE is happy to provide a plastic ring sizer to you for a small fee (that we'll happily refund later).  Simply email us and let us know what item you're interested in, and we'll get one in the mail to you.   We'll provide you with a discount code to use at checkout that will refund this small purchase.  Although these ring sizers are flexible, the same general rules mentioned above apply.  

NOTE: plastic sizers are not always the most accurate, particularly for wider bands.  If the band you are interested in is significantly wider than the plastic sizer, we recommend ordering a half size up.  
Although plastic sizers are not as accurate as having us size you in-studio, we still prefer these over other methods you might find online.  Measuring circumference with string or paper often results in the wrong size -- there's simply too much margin for error.  

If you're hovering between sizes or half sizes, air on the side of smaller.  It's usually easier to stretch a ring up a bit than reduce the size.  

If for some reason your ordered ring does not fit, please email us within the month of purchase, or as soon as you realize it. We handle incorrect sizing on a case-by-case basis, however some general rules apply:

*If you think we somehow got it wrong (who knows: maybe we had a whopping order that week! It's rare, but we're human) -- We'll check it out and if we have in fact made an error, we'll adjust the size for free and refund your shipping costs.  

*If you ordered wrong -- it all depends on the ring.  Some sizings are simple and straightforward, others are very complex.  Sizing fees range from $25 to $300+ depending on complexity and/or need for additional gold. 

*NOTE: If a ring needs to up or down more than 2 sizes, a ring may sometimes need to be remade and can't be sized.  We'll be able to let you know immediately.

*In the instance that a ring was ordered incorrectly, shipping will be the buyer's responsibility.  


*We cannot guarantee the accuracy of ring sizers purchased elsewhere -- as quality varies tremendously.  

*Wider bands tend to feel more snug on the finger. For instance:  If comparing a wide 8mm band ring in a size 7 to a thin 2mm band in a size 7 -- the 8mm ring will feel much tighter.  

*Top heavy ring designs may want to spin.  The only way to avoid this is to have your ring fit snugly.  If you have especially wide knuckles, you may find this to be common with any ring you wear.

*If you have widee knuckles (some people just do), you will only be able to size as low as allowed by your knuckles.  If you find your rings spin an spin and no amount of sizing will help -- we recommend having a jeweler try add 'sizing bumps' or a guard (We personally think sizing bumps are more comfortable).  

*MEN: A proper fit will always feel tight at first.  Don't worry -- you'll get used to it.  This is a common feeling if someone is new to wearing a ring.  

*STACKS:  Stacks, once they start to build up, feel tighter as a group.  Wedding bands do as well.  It's not uncommon to order a band a half size up so that an engagement ring and wedding band feel right.  If a band in the same numerical size is ordered, it sometimes makes both rings feel tight, particularly if either of the bands is wide.  If the shanks are very thin, the same size usually does not create this phenomenon.