At MAKE MADE, we believe jewelry is intimate, highly personal, and invaluable.  We also believe that the value of your jewelry shouldn't come at the cost of someone else or the environment. 


MAKE MADE uses certified and in-house recycled and/or fairmined gold and silver.

t’s true — we can’t control the practices surrounding the origins of your existing heirlooms that were mined long before you got them, but we CAN re-use them in-house, thus recycling them without the use of additional chemical separation processes. We can also choose to supplement your precious metals without contributing to further questionable mining practices by choosing 100% certified recycled gold.

Recycled fairmined gold

Furthermore, we are happy to source socially responsible fairmined Gold that is traceable to the small Iquira artisanal and Macdesa artisanal mines in Columbia + Peru (both certified ASM sources). These metals are both socially and environmentally responsible, and have traceable origins that are free of chemicals as well as irresponsible social practices. The communities that extract these metals are positively impacted by the trade of these materials.


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MAKE MADE makes every effort to provide information about the sources of stones used, and has relationships with dealers who specialize in sourcing conflict free Diamonds and Gemstones from all over the world, as well as man-made and lab created alternatives.

ethically mined diamond

We’re more than happy to help you source a special stone just for you. Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? No problem — we can show you all of the options, and source based on your specifications. 

WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS? The following types of stones:



These stones are mined responsibly from Canada or sourced from Diamond Sightholders, who are held to stricter standards than the Kimberly Process, ensuring Diamonds come from conflict-free, socially responsible companies that utilize the highest environmental standards possible. These stones typically come from mines in Canada, Botswana, Namibia, and South Africa. Buying an ethically mined Diamond supports small developing communities and economies across the world.


Chemically and optically the same as a natural Diamond (sometimes even better), these stones require no mining. Lab created Diamonds are often of US origin.


Diamonds can be removed from old or heirloom jewelry and re-certified. These diamonds can even be re-cut or re-polished if necessary for resale. Although the original origins may never be known, no new mining or questionable practices were required for the purchase or use of these stones. For reach recycled diamond used, consider it one less natural Diamond (of potentially questionable origins) purchased.