How to Pick the Perfect Diamond | Beyond the 4 C's

Organic Rose Gold Diamond Engagement Ring by Katie Poterala


Diamonds come in all kinds of colors and qualities.  At MAKE MADE, we like to give you ALL the options!  We know how overwhelming it can be to consider a diamond purchase, so we try our best to shed some light on the realm of possibilities out there.  If you’re specifically looking for traditional White, Sparkly White Diamonds, your best bet is to hop over to this post.  If you’re interested in all of the Diamond options, read on!

Full disclosure -- we don’t prescribe to any dogma about Diamond value or material worth – instead, we encourage you to pick a stone that is the most beautiful to you.  After all, all those promises about the investment value of a Diamond died back in the 80’s or 90’s, right?  We’re not saying a Diamond isn’t valuable, but we’re not going to try to sell you on it.  We think Diamonds and Jewelry have much more to offer than material worth.  What we are saying is:

  • Buy what you love. She (or you) will wear it forever, right?  The idea isn’t to be able to hopefully sell it in 5 or 10 years, and certainly not for a profit.  That is not why we, as a society (or as individuals and lovers), buy jewelry.  We buy it as a signifier or symbol of our commitment or a meaningful time, or as a landmark or exclamation point in our own personal timelines.  There’s nothing sentimental about resell value – keep it out of the equation.
  • Buy something that speaks to you, and your individuality. The days of everyone wanting the exact same ‘perfect’ stone are over.  While these are and will always be beautiful and rare, and there’s nothing wrong with that, we’re finding that lots of folks would rather have a stone with some discerning mark, or unique feature that makes it feel natural, or imperfect, or relatable.  They’re interested in the meaning behind the object more than it’s physical perfection or perceived value. 

  • Decide how much sparkle is important to you both. Some Diamonds have it all, and some have very little.    

  • Consider your (or her) lifestyle. Sometimes this also relates directly to how large of a stone you’re looking for and/or budget.  Some styles of Diamond allow for a larger look, without all the height – a perfect solution for someone adventurous that wants a low-maintenance ring that isn’t super snaggy.  Other, more traditional Diamond cuts require the stone to be set higher in direct proportion to the height of the stone.  Hobbies and work environments are sometimes the ‘real life’ practical considerations that aren’t accounted for when picking out something pretty.  For an Engagement ring that will be worn every day, forever, it’s worth considering. 

  • Decide if you definitely want White, in which case we’ve got a great post about that, where you can learn all about the 4 C’s and all of the available options (from Natural to Conflict-Free, to Lab Grown and Recycled).

  • Know what style you’re looking for. Unsure? Don’t worry, we’re gonna break that all down in just a minute.  For now, find out what shapes and styles she likes (hint: employ a good friend, her mother, or co-worker to help do some covert reconnaissance).  It’s also worthwhile to see if she’s got a Pinterest board with rings she likes already pinned. 

  • Find a reputable jeweler, who’s willing to sit and discuss all the options with you (and isn’t going to try to talk you out of all those non-traditional new-fangled options he doesn’t have any interest in helping you find).

If you follow these basic rules, you can’t go wrong.  Above all else, remember that anything coming from you, the love of her life, will knock it out of the ballpark.  Try not to stress too much, and enjoy the process!

Ready to get an education on Non-Traditional Diamonds?  Check out our post on Buying Non-Traditional Diamonds here. 

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