The Temporary Ring
The Temporary Ring
The Temporary Ring
The Temporary Ring
Make Made Jewelry

The Temporary Ring

Regular price $500.00

This Temporary Ring functions as a non-refundable deposit towards the cost of your final custom ring!

It's our way of helping you insure she get's the ring of her dreams (and gets something pretty and sparkly until that ring can be designed and fabricated)! 

The Temporary Ring is made out of 14k gold and features a bright, beautiful Cubic Zirconia.  It’s a perfect stand in -- most people won't even know it's not a diamond, or that this ring isn't the 'one'.  It's a beautiful piece of jewelry, and will make her feel special up until the moment she get's the 'real thing': a custom one of a kind ring that we design alongside her, that is completely tailored to her  unique individuality, style, and lifestyle.   

MAKE MADE jewelry is more than just jewelry, and more than a shop.  We offer a complete, one of a kind experience.   From the moment you tell us you're ring shopping until she has the bling of her dreams and is showing it to everyone that will pay attention -- we're here to offer you the best experience that we possibly can.  From diamond and metal education to practical lifestyle considerations -- from traditional to alternative stones and styles -- MAKE MADE offers an unparalleled and comprehensive service to our clients.  

The Temporary Ring comes with our hard work, your love and thoughtfulness, and a lifelong, honest relationship you won't often find with other jewelers.  We love working with our engagement couples, seeing their lives and families grow, and honoring the lifetime of their precious jewels.  We offer a lifetime of free cleanings, inspections, and jewelry consultations as well as a warranty that covers any issues in craftsmanship without all the fine print.  We encourage our clients to visit us often and keep us up to date on all their important moments!  

So how does it work?

You tell us her size, and we'll hook you up with the perfect temporary ring to blow her mind in the short-term.  You'll come up with the perfect proposal, and  let her know the ring is a stand in, and that she'll have the opportunity to have her dream ring designed and handmade by us! 

Then...tell us you did it! Bring her in (or schedule a virtual meeting), let us meet her and discuss her style, let her try on ring options, and we'll all discuss all of the possibilities -- from stone and metal options to lifestyle and design considerations.   Together, we'll make sure she get's exactly what she wants, and we'll create some sketches or design prototypes for you to look at.  Once we've settled on the ideal design, we'll get it into production. 

Once the 'real' ring is completed, you'll give us the Temporary Ring back, and we'll take the amount of your deposit off of the total cost of your custom ring.  



So what Happens if....

You want to keep the Temporary Ring (it's sentimental, we get it!) 
The value of the Temporary Ring is $500, the same as your deposit. We'll still make your custom ring, but you'll get to keep the Temporary Ring too!  You just won't get to have that deposit deducted from a future payment.  

You want to keep it-- but you don't need two big sparkly rings.  
If you'd like it more as a pendant, we can make that happen, too!  We'll trade the shank gold back in, turn the stone and setting into a pendant, and give you a gold chain in return.  The amount you paid for the deposit covers all of this, so there's no added expense.  You win - by getting two pieces of jewelry instead of one, and you get to keep a memento from the coolest part of the whole thing!  You just won't get to have that deposit deducted from a future payment.  

You lose the Temporary Ring
We hope this doesn't happen, but on the off chance it does, you'll be responsible for paying for the lost ring.  Since your deposit has already paid for the ring, you just won't get to have that deposit deducted from a future payment.    


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